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E 159th St between St Ann's & Eagle Ave

E 159th St between St Ann's & Eagle Ave, Bronx, 10456

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Official Owner

New York City Department of Transportation (public)

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The property appears on Visit the property there to learn about organizing to create or preserve it as open space.

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Key Contacts

City Council District 17 represented by Rafael Salamanca Jr.
Community District Bronx 1 ( / 718-585-7117 ), district manager: Cedric Loftin
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Who is Organizing Here?

  • Olive
  • Conbert Grovesnor, 917 309 0696
  • Nancy Maldonado
  • Pedro Rivera, 718-902-8373
  • Judean Woelfle, 646-283-2647
  • Cristina Montas, 917-291-9741
  • Carla Rice, 718-665-2760, x2009
  • andrea
  • Victor Maldonado, 7186654281

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