Make a Print Map

OpenStreetMap allows you to create a map image that you can download and print. Zoom to the geography you’d like and click the share button, then select the format you’d like and download it.

You can use and print that image without any more modification, or you can add to it. Google Slides is one easy to use application to add text, shapes, and other design elements.

If you want to print a map in large format, Staples offers customized poster printing for $20.

The NYCommons Basemap is also available in .pdf form [18 MB] for download and public use. The image can be cropped and customized.

For example, you could add:

  • Community assets such as community centers, community-based organizations, recreation centers, playgrounds, schools, and houses of worship
  • Development sites
  • Locations of needed improvements

Please include the license if using the NYCommons basemap.